Wednesday, 26 October 2011

news in brief

*Just because my posts tend to be very infrequent, more than 1,000 words long, largely negative and highly repetitive doesn’t make this a “rant blog”. I would say that generally my arguments are too tangential and badly made to be referred to as "rants" but I’ll take this as a compliment, so thanks. Like I've been saying all along, just keep this a 'lol' free zone and no one needs to get ranted at.


  1. I thought there was going to be something about kittens this week?

  2. uuugh was up til 4 this morning trying to finish a new thingbut it's still not quite finished yet... so... many.. references to check. will be up later today i hope. it will make references to kittens (kittehs), don't worry, lol.