Tuesday, 11 October 2011

MOL meets LOL meets STFU

Well surprise, surprise! I bet you weren't expecting to see me back again so soon. I think the tidal wave of two comments on the Facebook link of my last post might have gone to my head. So I’ve been doing some more research into this whole M.O.L issue (that’s the “Meaning of Life” for any highly-unlikely-but-we-live-in-hope-new-readers of my blog. You might think I’ve been spending a lot of time on this but, trust me, I still probably spend more time on pointless "mamazon" (sic, but deliberate, ed.) virtual window shopping searches where I trawl for goods, like some sort of frustrated web 2.0 capitalist masturbation, occasionally putting items in my basket or on my wishlist but generally never buying. It’s definitely up-there with some of the best procrastination disorders), and I’ve come up with these three pieces of evidence for the M.O.L jury:-
1.     Lars Von Trier’s Melancholia (watch)
3.     Will Self’s The Book of Dave (believe).
More on these later. Apparently, even my housemates have started to take my blogging a bit more seriously and are now beginning to show promising signs that they are living in fear that their every slip up is going to be recorded by me and used as the springboard for one of my eccentric rants. I am fucking flattered, I must say. Initially when GirlHousemate#1 expressed concern that I was using her as material (they didn’t mind when it was just me taking the piss out of hippies that don’t actually LIVE with us and they thought no one was reading it! Ha! I throw in their faces my audience of one follower and at least three others on Facebook!) I scoffed at the notion that I might be writing about her, ‘No, no, you don’t do anything that funny or worth writing about, to be honest,’ I said, but within seconds I had realised the potential and was noting in the text drafts of my phone accidental innuendo, such as, ‘ooh, I am tempted by one of your nut-cutlets,” and wondering if I might be heralding in a new era of more sinister blogging, except that any dirt I might have on them probably only scrapes the surface of the dirt they have on me… a difficult dilemma.
*UPDATE: There has been a 100% increase on the number of followers of this blog… that’s right we’re up to two followers! Oh and speaking of nut-cutlets, as a special celebration of this I have included below a photograph of Michael Fassbanger (sic) which I considerately screengrabbed (speaking of procrastination disorders, this is a new favourite medium), from the excellent but depressing film ‘Fish Tank’. Please use this photograph as you see fit to help you continue to ‘meditate’ on the meaning of life, a visual ‘om’, if you will.  I certainly have found this to be quite helpful. (I hope this isn’t going to isolate 50% of my readership too much, ed.)


  1. I used to feel special when I was your only follower... but times move on. It's also good to be part of an in-crowd. Which of us did you think would be isolated by the Fassbanger back shot?

  2. I thought Stitch Therapy might enjoy it but I think Chris actually became a follower because of it.