Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Belated Rioting in Norwich: Will the mindless vandalism never end?

Further to the now "infamous" "incident" at Norwich Market, where a dustbin was kicked over, this disgusting piece of graffiti has been spotted near to the curb on College Road in the "popular" Golden Triangle "area". Nearby, several brazen youths (aged approximately 7, 19 3/4 and 8 months), all wearing hoodies but with their faces uncovered were also seen kicking the hedge outside a rented residence on the corner of Recreation and Jessopp Roads. Recent graduate Miss G Payne, who was at the time approaching her home on bicycle and witnessed the incident, said she "feared for the life" of her fellow flatmate who was at that moment entering the property through the "back entrance", and narrowly avoided being hit by a small shard of flying shrubbery.

Police are seeking further information: Do you know Barry? Or someone who knows Barry? Or anyone who looks like they should be called Barry? "Call" "Norwich Police Station" on 01603-616-1616 or drop into the station in person for a mochaccino and a chin-wag.

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